a fine year

This was the first year in a long time where nothing particularly momentous happened. I didn't get married, I didn't get hit by a car, I didn't get fired, I didn't buy a house, I didn't decide to change careers (that was last year!). This was a year of trudging along on an already-determined path, enjoying the comforting predictability of adulthood. 

I get secondhand cognitive therapy through my mom, who gets real therapy. I've been informed that negative thoughts are "bad." Which, fine. 

Here are the good parts of 2015.

  1. We went to Paris (insert: heart eyes).
    We went because my mom turned 60 and I'm sentimental. My husband and I met my parents in Paris, and then we stayed on, laughing internally at every shop person who expressed interest in moving to NYC. 
    It was everything annoying francophiles say it is, so that's saying a lot.
  2. My dog's skin infection cleared up.
    Sometime in the fall of 2014 my dog developed a miserable infection on both of her eyelids. Nearly a year later and after a depressing amount of money, it's gone! When in doubt, always get a culture (and skip the biopsy). She is still very bossy though.
  3. I found a really good bra.
    I'm going to post separately about this bra some day, but it was a highlight of the year, to be sure.
  4. I sort of cured my IBS.
    Oh look, another gross medical thing. I was having a lot of gastrointestinal trouble earlier in the year, the experience of which I can best describe as Food Poisoning Lite. I saw a GI and he wanted to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I'd been down that road before 10 years ago: doctor does his conveniently expensive procedure, finds nothing, then, realizing there is no more money to be made, suggests Metamucil and exits through the bushes. 
    So I made a diary of every incident and lo, everything was tied to either ovulation or menstruation. Prostaglandins: tricky fuckers. Also: yay uteruses. 
    I told my gynecologist, she gave me a low dose birth control prescription, and I have been almost entirely GI pain free ever since. What a world.
  5. This winter was weirdly warm.
    I'm certain this weather is a portent of bad things to come, but oh my god it has been so nice. 
  6. I got good grades.
    This is my only form of validation right now so let's just nod along, and not act like a 29 year old returning to school better be getting good grades, dammit. 

2015 was fine, even good!