totally real reader question no. 3

A not made-up Tabitha asks:

Are you a housewife now?

Sort of, temporarily.

In December I finished organic chemistry, which was my final prerequisite for nursing school. I'm now waiting for admission to the nursing program, which will happen officially in June. The program starts in August. That leaves quite a few unoccupied months.

Of course I feel a bit weird about this current status. To not have to work is a ridiculous privilege. It's one thing to be a stay at home mom, it's quite another to be a wife with a little poodle who chooses not to work, even just for a period six months. 

But I don't care! I have rooms to paint and books to read and I can go work out in the middle of the day and watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend before my husband gets home. Yes yes I cook a few dinners and I do some laundry and I keep the sink from getting disgusting. But more than that, in exchange for not shopping at J.Crew or having lunch out every day, I get to do whatever the fuck I want for six months.

If you would like to scold me in the comments, please also leave a book recommendation. So much free time!